October 06, 2015

[Offline Install] Baamboo Player VN

Baamboo Player VN
Version 3.6.5

- Listen to music online with Zing mp3

- Allow editing metadata (ID3 tag) in mp3 files ( title, album, artist, ...)
- Browse music by folders, exclude folders that you don't want to load.
- Multi songs selection for playling (premium)
- Control the now playing list: add and remove songs, select to play/pause a song.
- Sleep timer.
- Auto search missing album cover art.
- Sync the lyrics while music playing, auto search for missing lyrics for English, Korean (latin small letter are easy to sing along).
- Load lyrics from .lrc file (.lrc can be gotten from Minilyrics program on PC)
- Save cover art to your mp3 file so that other players can show it.
- BBM™ function: post playing song title to BBM™ profile status.
- Change playback time by select a line in the lyrics.
- Repeater on lyrics: play a focus part of a song repeatedly by choosing start and end line in the lyrics.
- Browse for youtube videos relating to playing song.

Download - Offline Installer
• Size: 1MB
• Type: .zip
• OS: 5.0 and up 


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