April 22, 2013

Help the chef with Pancakes for BlackBerry 10

Fancy helping the chef make some pancakes? You can with Pancakes for BlackBerry 10 and its a sweet little game. The idea is to use the tilt mechanism on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to catch the toppings he tosses at you. It isn't quite as simple as it sounds though as the cheeky chap also throws items at you that you don't want to collect - get one of these on your pancake and it's game over.

Full features of the game include:
  • Earn Stars on each order
  • Unlock more toppings as you master each order!
  • Beat your High Score by replaying the orders!
  • Get bonuses to earn more cash!
  • 400 levels.
  • 30+ Toppings to Unlock.
  • Amazing, Gorgeous, high quality Professional Graphics.
  • Professional, High Quality Music and Sound Effects.
More information/Download Pancakes for BlackBerry 10

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