March 28, 2013

vnBB 10 - Utility Hardware ID and Side-load applications for BlackBerry 10

To install offline (Side-load) applications for BlackBerry 10, we can share the utility had previously PlayBook as vnPButils ... However, BB10 can add a number of new issues, so I added a new tool to support the best possible. This utility supports both BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook. Allows you to easily check the information on your device as Model, Hardware ID, IMEI, Serial Number, PIN ... as well as management and application settings from the file. bar easy and intuitive.

Screen after connection, the representative image display device and information

Why do I need to know the Hardware ID? Since BlackBerry released the BlackBerry OS for the line Z10 is not the same, each model a different OS. While with the Z10 but in fact there are 4 Model, respectively STL100-1 -> STL100 4. So when exactly the Z10 is its model, Hardware ID is what will help you avoid being "Up the wrong OS"

To install, click the Install Apps, the following screen appears for you to easily install apps comfortable
Can drag / drop files. Bar from Windows Explorer, or select the Add button to add a bar to the list of files.
Clear button to clear the list
Install button to install all of the files listed in the list.
Back button to return to the main screen

Management applications are installed on your BB10: click Manage Apps button from the main screen

Can view the status (Check Status) the application is running or not?
If you're running can stop from the utility by clicking the Terminate button
If not, then it can trigger run from here Launch App button
Uninstall the application by clicking the Uninstall button

The first version can make a few of any errors that you test and your suggestions to improve offline

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