August 13, 2010


FileScout – the complete file, text, zip, and image manager
-BlackBerry Developers Fund Developer Challenge 2009 Finalists-

FileScout is a file explorer for your BlackBerry®. In addition to its core functionality (browse the file system, create directories, copy, move, rename, zip, unzip, delete files, or open your media files directly, FileScout also allows you to open text files (including .ini, .xml, etc.) so you are able to edit, copy, and paste text segments of text.

Additionally FileScout allows you to manipulate images (resize & rotate), easily save and access your favorites, search for files, create playlists across multiple folders, and send files via email or Bluetooth®.

Before your purchase feel free to download the 14 day trial version.


* Browse over the file system of your BlackBerry® device
* Show hidden files and directories (indicated by grey name)
* Show ‘encrypted content’ (indicated by a caution icon)
* Creating new directories
* Copy a single file (or a group of files) from one folder to another
* Move files (incl. multi select) – (in the same way as copy a file)
* Renaming existing files & diretories
* Auto rename/overwrite if a file already exist at the destination [of copy & move], this behavior is configurable via options
* Delete existing files [even ones that are preinstalled (like wallpapers or ringtones)] – Please note: a) this is unfortunately not supported for all files on all devices (e.g. System Folder in OS 5.0) b) deleted files can be only recovered by a hard reset of your device
* Copy or More complete directory structures (including all it’s content) in the same way as single files can be copied
* Delete directories with all its content (recursive)
* Unpack ZIP-Archives (including directory structures) – no support for password protected zips
* Create a ZIP-Archive from a marked single file, a group of files (mark multiple files by pressing the SPACE-key) or a selected directory (including all it’s content/recursive)
* Resize Images to save time and money when sending photos that have been taken with your BackBerry® or coming from other sources (this also can save device memory)
* Rotate Images (90°, 180°, -90°) (might require image resizing first)
* Create Playlists across multiple folders [select in any folder your audio files (via Space-Key) and once you have marked all files select 'Create Playlist from selection' from the menu] (this menu item is only available, if you have specified a ‘Playlist Directory’ in the options)
* Create Playlists from current directory content [optional: including all subdirectories (recursive)] (this menu item is only available, if you have specified a ‘Playlist Directory’ in the options)
* eMail Archive Function
* Send and Receive files via Bluetooth (OBEX-Push)
* DriveUsage: Easily detect directories that acquire a lot of device memory
* FileScout register itself as default content handler for ‘.INI’, ‘.LOG’ and ‘.XML’ files [This allows you to open this files e.g. from eMail attachments directly in the FileScout SimpleTextViewer/Editor]
* Add the current directory to your ‘favorite directory list’
* From anywhere goto any of your favorite directories (from the list)
* From anywhere goto any other directory on your device by using SHIFT+G|SHIFT+H (Nodes can be expanded or collapsed with the SPACE-Key)
* Opening Media-Files (if supported by your device):
* ·····o Audio: W4A|AAC|MP3|WAV|AU3|MID|WMA
* ·····o Video: MPEG|AVI|MP4|3GP
* ·····o Image: JPG|PNG|GIF|TIFF|SVG|BMP
* ·····o Office (requires installed “Office to go”): DOC|XLS|PPT
* ·····o PDF [requires installed "PDF to go" or "Repligo Reader" (incompatible with BeamReader)]
* ·····o Other: TXT|HTML
* ·····o Playlists: M3U
* Opening custom registered files – FileScout allows you to associate own file extensions with custom applications (like you might know it from other OS)
* Opening Files in a SimpleTextViewer:
* ·····o You can open files in plain text mode – This enables you to open XML’s, INI’s or any kind of script files (or any other files) in your BlackBerry®
* ·····o Once the file is opened, you can mark/select text and copy it into the clipboard (to use it where ever you like or need it)
* ·····o Quick navigation via key shortcuts
* Creating new text files (if edit-mode is configured in options)
* Opening Files in a SimpleTextEditor:
* ·····o Once it’s enabled in the options you can edit the text files that you have opened in the SimpleTextEditor.
* ·····o by default all files will be open with UTF-8 character encoding
* ·····o Re-read file with different encodings [UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, UTF-16BE or US-ASCII]
* ·····o Search in content
* ·····o Save File
* ·····o Save File as…
* ·····o both ‘save’ functions will use UTF-8 encoding
* Show File details:
* ·····o Filename (complete)
* ·····o 128px Preview (for images only)
* ·····o Path in which the file is located
* ·····o File size
* ·····o MIME type
* ·····o Last modification date
* ·····o Is Hidden [YES|NO] (writeable)
* ·····o Is BuildIn [YES|NO]
* ·····o Is DRMLocked [YES|NO] (if accessible)
* ·····o Is Encrypted [YES|NO]
* Show Directory details:
* ·····o Directory name (complete)
* ·····o Path in which the directory is located
* ·····o Total file size (incl. sub-directories)
* ·····o free space
* ·····o number of files
* ·····o number of directories
* ·····o Last modification date
* ·····o Is Hidden [YES|NO] (writeable)
* and way way more…

Minimum Requirements:

* BlackBerry® Device with OS 4.3+
* 390kb free space for the applicatio


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